Dan Dan Slaw Sandwich

Slaw Sandwich With Dan Dan Sauce

Slaw Ingredients:

  • Green cabbage
  • Red cabbage (optional)
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Cilantro

Shred all the ingredients above, toss and mix well with Dan Dan Sauce

Sandwich Ingredients:

  • Dan Dan Slaw
  • Ham
  • Bread
  • Mayonnaise 

Spread mayonnaise on bread, add a thick layer of ham, then a thick layer of Dan Dan Slaw, finish it off with another layer of bread. This sandwich is so good it knocked our socks off the first time we made it. The Dan Dan Sauce hits so many notes in terms of flavors, and the sesame sauce in the Dan Dan Sauce gives such a creamy texture while bringing all the flavors together. A much try for any sandwich lover!

Check out our Instagram video on this recipe below:



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