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Cosmic Sass

Cosmic Sass™ Fermented Chili Sauce

Cosmic Sass

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Cosmic Sass™ is a medium heat chili sauce with a robust taste unmatched in freshness. It is bright, funky, and sassy. The magic of this chili sauce comes from the marriage and the aging of 5 simple ingredients, bringing out the multi-dimensional flavors that highlight the fruitiness and the depth of the chili peppers. 

Unlike most hot sauces on the market that uses cheap filler ingredients to cut cost, the Cosmic Sass™ chili sauce is made with purely chili peppers! The difference can be see in the vibrant redness of the sauce, and tasted in the multi-layered depth of the pepper flavors. Cosmic Sass™ is a clean, healthy hot sauce made with no preservatives, and no binding and emulsifying agents. We also use organic expeller pressed oil because as a family business, we believe in using ingredients we would eat ourselves. 

Locally made in California by family owned small business. We sell what we eat. 


Fresno chili peppers, Non-GM sunflower oil, vinegar, garlic, sea salt

Allergen Watch

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5 oz

Care Instructions

Refrigerate after opening

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