• Clean & Healthy

    Made with high quality ingredients and organic expeller pressed oil, with NO binders, preservatives, or emulsifiers.

  • Versatile

    This noodle sauce can also be used on pasta, meat, buns, dumplings, tofu, vegetables, and everything else!

  • Convenient

    Turn any ingredient or combination of ingredients into a flavorful dish in a matter of minutes.

Get ObSASSed!

Our favorite fermented chili sauce now comes in a bottle! Bring it with you everywhere and dab it on literally everything!

No fillers, preservatives, and binders, this clean chili sauce gets all its umami magic from the fresno chilis and Nature's fermentation process. Bright, vivid, and sassy, the Cosmic Sass™ is made to invigorate your taste buds and puts you in a groovy mood.


Zero Waste Noodle Kit

Tired of contributing to the landfill with disposable containers that take ages to break down while leaking harmful chemicals into the soil? Here's a productthat will make both your taste buds and the soil happy! Our Zero-Waste Noodle Kit is a special product released for pre-order only a few times a year.

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