• Clean & Healthy

    Made with high quality ingredients and organic expeller pressed oil, with NO binders, preservatives, or emulsifiers.

  • Versatile

    This creamy and flavorful sauce can also be used on pasta, meat, buns, dumplings, tofu, vegetables, and everything else!

  • Convenient

    Requires no additional cooking or preparaion, and turns any ingredient or combination of ingredients into a flavorful dish in a matter of minutes.

A Celebration of Home

As a young child, Yanza’s grandfather would make a creamy spicy sesame noodle he called Dan Dan Noodles. Yanza’s grandparents were born and raised in Chengdu, Sichuan, a city in Southwestern China famed for its cuisine. Soon after the young couple married, they migrated thousands of miles to Northeastern China, where they would remain for over 4 decades. Due to the Cultural Revolution, they had to cut all ties and communications with their families back home. Recreating the taste of home became a remedy for homesickness. It was clear to Yanza even at a young age, that grandpa infused his longing for home into his Dan Dan Noodles by the way he lovingly told stories of his childhood as Yanza slurped on the noodles. 

After moving to Los Angeles as an adult, Yanza would often make this noodle dish for her chef husband Leo while they shared stories about their childhoods. Eventually, Dan Dan Noodle became a crowd favorite at the food truck they co-founded together. Then during the 2020 pandemic lock downs, Yanza and Leo began selling this special sauce in jars so people could enjoy Dan Dan Noodles at home. Now, they’re excited to share it with you!